Thursday 22 April 2010

UPSR (Paper 2) - Section A

Sentence Construction

Stimuli: One picture with 10 words
Task: Make 5 sentences

Tips to success
  • First, look at the picture carefully and ask yourself what the picture is about.
  • Second, read the given words and try to understand its meaning. You may use the words to help you construct the sentences.
  • Third, construct sentences about the picture. You may write about things that are not show in the picture but related to the picture.
  • Next, keep in mind to write sentences that are grammatically correct. Focus on subject-verb agreement, tenses, articles, pronouns, preposition, punctuation, etc.
  • Furthermore, to make your sentences more interesting, you may use adjective, adverb and conjunction. This will show you have a good awareness of the language.
  • Lastly, use a variety of sentences: simple sentence, compound sentence and complex sentence.

Good Luck!

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